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We will occasionally feature a snippet spotlighting an up-and-coming music artist from all over the globe. To start us off is 20 year old Autumn Sky from Sacramento, CA.
In a town where the local music scene has been thriving nicely enough, and has produced a slew of notable music artists such as Cake, Far, Tesla and Jackie Greene, just to list a few, emerges one radiant newcomer who is clearly contributing to this wave of success, and all the while making her distinct mark. She is the lovely and charming indie pop/folk artist Autumn Sky. With her adorable, yet unmistakably mature and heartfelt voice, it is nearly impossible not to get drawn in to her little world. Her little world, where sweetness and happiness are the norm - not such a popular theme in this industry. While she obviously does have her songs of unpleasant reflection and personal struggles, the main staple of her lyrics tend to favor love; love is what she's comfortable with she says. Mushiness aside, that's not a pseudo musician persona, but quite frankly, how she really is. She genuinely emanates a warmness and goodness that comes from simply being confident with herself. From her poppy track 'Conversations' - confronting a friend about the change of their relationship, to my personal favorite, the somewhat melancholically beautiful 'Our Little Boy', it's easy to see why she has garnered the popularity and the fans she has, and picked up a nomination in the Sacramento Area Music Award, The Sammies.
Her first full-length album, entitled All Which Isn't Singing inspired by an E.E. Cummings poem is due to be released April 24th. Fifteen songs total and two years in the making, it is thought to be well received. If you happen to be in the area on that day, join her at Luigi's Fun Garden in Sacramento for her CD release party. The album will be available on iTunes sometime a little after the release date.
For further information regarding her soon to be released CD, the accompanying release show, and tour schedule, please visit her myspace.  — Vhcle
visit here: autumnskymyspace
up & coming artist spotlight: Autumn Sky
April 2009
[photographs provided by shanny lee photography]
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