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Issue 10: Photographer Camille Carbonaro
Camille Carbonaro is 23 and lives in Paris. She graduated with a Bachelor's in Design and also in Photography. She's had exhibitions in Nimes (south of France) and in the shop, EN FACE (Paris). She discovered press photography through Baudoin with whom she has been a photographer's assistant. She was also finalist in the master class directed by Oliviero Toscani (ARTE Photo for Life), laureate of the photographic marathon, Fnac-Canon Montpellier, in 2010, and has been published in a regional daily newspaper, Midi Libre
Q&A with Camille Carbonaro
The photography work of Camille Carbonaro, September 2012 Vhcle Magazine Issue 10, Photography
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Tell us a bit about why/how you got interested in photography.
I got my first camera at 10 -  a white plastic Kodak. I staged a shoot with chickens and small cardboard figures in my garden. I didn't think at this time that photography could become a passion. What I liked the best, I think, was making up stories and characters. In 2006 I got my first digital camera. It was easier to capture scenes, create worlds, improvise, dress myself up and invent stories and characters… and keep everything in memory.
Describe your artistic style.
My artistic style is between fashion photography and instant photography. My photographs represent a disjointed road movie; people, places, a generation, carefreeness, life. I am inspired by everything around me: images on the internet, magazine fashion photos, music and art exhibitions. I also like the fresh and sweet photos of Japanese artist, Rinko Kawauchi.
There's definitely a representation of people and places in your work. Do you like to travel to find new inspirations of such things?
It’s funny but I travel little. Well, not enough for me. I haven't left Europe yet. I've wandered off to England, Ireland, Belgium and Spain, but all have little influence on my work. I travel through the internet, books, music and magazines. People and places that I photograph are most of the time familiar and intimate to me.
Your favorite drink?
Pastis - the anise drink originally from my hometown, Marseille.
What are some of your favorite music, magazines, books, etc. as you have mentioned?
I love CocoRosie, they create psychedelic folk music. They are just what I like translating with photography: wild, crazy, fresh, strange and psychedelic. Also, The Beach Boys, The Strokes, Beirut, and The Beatles. The magazines I like are Vogue, WAD,  and Focus (a magazine native to the south of France). I'm interested in fashion and art magazines as well. The websites that inspire me are Tumblr, Found, and Hel Looks. These websites are mixtures of inspiration, art and different cultures.