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Issue 12: Artist Fabienne Rivory – Labokoff, Mirror Series
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Q&A with Fabienne rivory
Labokoff - Mirror Series, Vhcle Issue 12, Art
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Is there a specific emotion you want to evoke with your artwork?
In one way or another, my work is nearly always connected to memoriesand nostalgia. Through my images I try to recreate a momentary emotion that anyone can feel in front of nature’s beauty: a particular architectural shape, a landscape passing by, or the silhouette of a beloved one.
The French landscape is your inspiration for the most part – any other things?
I like minimalist landscapes: deserted nature, rather common views, where sometimes appear a silhouette or a shape against the skyline. But I think inspiration is the result of a more complex process thatincludes everything we can see, hear, or feel – that’s something quite difficult to analyse.
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You combine photography with paint to produce these gorgeous pieces of artwork – can you touch on this a little?
Photography is the beginning of my work; I like the idea that itrestores a minuscule, fugitive moment of our life. Intrusion of paint in these frozen memories allows me to shift them in a more subjective and dreamy way. It also brings vibrancy, spontaneity and randomness to raw photographs.
Mlle A
Out of your collection of work, do you have a favorite one?
I’ve really enjoyed working on my latest series “Mirror”. If I had to choose one I’d say “Deux” – I like the way shapes of the photo and painting interact; that’s certainly something I’m going to dig into more in the future.
Favorite drink?