Artwork by
Laetitia Hussain | Mademoiselle Laetitia
609 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534
website: www.laeti.org
for clothing:
The Knotty Woodpecker
@ Hudson Supermarket
310 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534
502 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534
for furniture:
528 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534
Additional furniture as well as artwork, accessories, jewelry and clothing are available directly from Laetitia Hussain, along with commissioned pieces. Please visit her website for more information: www.laeti.org.
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Laetitia Hussain
Born in Marseille, Laetitia Hussain grew up in Dijon (France), Damascus (Syria), and Albany (New York). She attended Russell Sage College and SUNY Purchase, where she received her B.A. in Fine Arts.
Laetitia's artwork include painting, sculpture, photography, drawing and mixed media.
She is also a designer of clothing, furniture and interiors (including residential and restaurant work), and has designed for the theatre.

Her work experience includes architectural salvage, antiques, upholstery, ephemera, set painting, and construction for commercial and home designs. She is fluent in both English and French.
fashion furniture sculpture photography painting [new] artwork by Laetitia Hussain
March 2009
artwork by
Laetitia Hussain
Q&A Laetitia Hussain | vhcle- magazine
 March 2009

(Featured January 2009 | Vhcle Magazine)
Vhcle constantly seeks to feature artists of true unique and raw talent, and such is the case of artist Laetitia Hussain. We were immediately impressed with her work upon first glance, and believe she is making her mark on the New York art scene. Read with us as we take a small look at the delightful person behind the artwork.
vhcle- It is great to catch up with you again Laetitia and to see some of your latest artwork. Can you explain the inspiration behind it?
laetitia hussain: I get a lot of my inspiration while driving. I live in New York's Hudson Valley, where there is no shortage of beautiful roads and landscapes. When I get an idea, I pull over and write it down. I also pour over art books of all periods, hunting and waiting for something to jump out at me. These latest pieces took about 6 years to complete -- the concept, not the actual painting. I have worked in oil for a long time, and have made much more elaborate portraits. But with these it was more about restraint - simple lines and color. The character is fictional, and usually depicted against a plain background with a simple chair; I try to render her and the chair in the same way. The images are centered around ideas of solitude and the wish to be invisible.
v: As an artist, you are very broad in your work. And all of your work displays your natural talent to create artwork that is beautifully original and distinct. Can you say that you have a particular area that you like best?
lh: There is no single area or genre that I prefer over others. Every medium and form has potential. Moving from one medium to the next leaves me no room to get bored. Using a new material or trying a new format forces me to refocus on skills and craft, rather than getting stuck in old habits. I'm stimulated by the basic work of trying to figure out how to make something and execute a concept that I've fleshed out in my head. Imagining myself making the work is part of the process.
v: Do you have any huge aspirations for the next 5 years?
lh: I have huge new aspirations every five minutes, but I’ve learned to be realistic. In an ideal world, I would like to set up artist retreats all around the world for artists to come visit and work. They will have huge handmade flags on top of their building and we’ll be able to see them from planes and Google Earth.
v: We love to drink all kinds of different beverages here at Vhcle. Do you have a favorite one that you can share with us?
lh: Just one? Alcoholic: The Glenlivet, Jack & ginger, Kettle One cranberry. In summer, gin and tonic with lots of lime. Beer: Pacifico and Hoagarden White. Non-alchoholic: Water with a hint of juice.
v: What are you listening to these days?
lh: I ask myself the same question all the time! With iTunes on shuffle play, it becomes difficult to keep track. I have lots of favorite songs whose band names and titles I don't even know. I like listening to music at top volume in my car while driving along the Hudson river, looking for hawks. As with my artwork, I'm open to everything, from indie rock to classical (Chopin, Bach, Schubert). Here is a fantastic video I really love lately from The Walkmen, called Four Provinces.  listen here
v: What can you tell us about yourself that we didn't get in your bio?
lh: I’ve been very lucky to have great friends who support my endeavors.  I just took down a show in Tivoli, New York at Luna61, and am opening another in Hudson, New York on the 6th of March at Deffebach Gallery. I find nothing more exciting than seeing lots of people I care for collected together in one venue.  I work with my partner Sam Pratt doing design projects, and I am currently doing silkscreen work for two artists named Cannon Hersey and Samson Mnisi.
v: Any parting words?
lh: Just thanks for featuring me in your magazine and for the inspiring compliments. - v
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