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09:one night in paris  |  by jen wade 
Thursday night I rushed home after work, unprepared to attend a runway show. My brother saw clothes flying through the air and told me I have too many, and I asked him “then why can’t I find anything to wear!” I threw on a white vintage dress and covered it with a vintage long-sleeve purple floral top. I pulled in my neighbor (licensed cosmetologist and fashion designer extraordinaire) for a brief fashion consultation. The verdict - it was cute but even after 25+ years the synthetic fabrics refused to breathe. While recovering from a hot flash I decided to go with my backup, a cotton burnt orange disco-inspired dress. Covering my shoulders with a crinkled cream wrap, I took off running in slouchy dark brown suede Michael Kors boots (my investment piece from two years prior).
I don’t know why I was so worried about my outfit when everyone’s attention was going to be on the runway. I guess I was excited to be transported into another world and wanted to look the part. The event was September 17th, the opening night of Magnum Opus’ Sacramento Fashion Week. While major cities around the world prepared to show Spring and Summer lines, we in Sacramento were just happy to have something to show. We did, thanks to eight students of the International Academy of Design & Technology Sacramento. Since the school was founded in 2007, there have been young design students featured in fashion benefits around the city.
The show entitled One Night in Paris was held downtown in the Elks Tower ballroom and benefited Ready for Life Foster Family Agency. The historic building was constructed in 1926, itself a revival of Italian Renaissance, the perfect setting for a European respite. Upon entering I admired the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, light flashed around the room from photographers on the mezzanine. I took a seat with the rest of the press at the end of the runway, a better view than expected. Victor Louis, the featured designer and show’s producer, had a table for his family just inches to my left. His mother told me she was anxiously awaiting to see the completion of several pieces. Other designers and models had family and friends in the crowd as well. The air was anything but pretentious - not about the industry but about the people.
The show began with the emcee’s introduction of the theme - Paris in the 1930s. I eagerly awaited to see what Generation Y and Z had to say about fashion. What direction would the next generation usher in as they took the reins from Valentino, Lagerfeld, Versace, Lacroix, Prada?
The young designers were definitely on point with recent trends - fishbone braids grazed a shoulder or two, sky-high heels and booties were the standard footwear.  Ruffles, leather, lace, velvet and plaid were mixed throughout the collections which were dominated by street wear and dare I say club wear. The difference between the two resting in the provocative nature of the latter.

 By Jen Wade  .  October 2009 page 1 Victor  Louis