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The Great Sacramento Escape
The Citizen Hotel evokes times of grandeur
 By Adam Saake                                                                        
 September 2009
The Citizen Hotel
926 J St
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 447-2700
Visit online:

The Citizen Hotel on twitter
Photos courtesy of The Citizen Hotel
* Photo by Adam Saake
Adam Saake is a full time arts and culture snob living in the beautiful city of Sacramento, CA.  Whether he's playing drums, writing articles or sharing his artwork he lives by one motto: Don't talk about it, be about it.  His strength comes from the amazing network of people he's met along the way and he's dying to meet you.
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The Grange menu is far from hit or miss - it’s just hit. The Alaskan salmon and Pacific ahi tartar with avocado, spicy soy-ginger sauce and cilantro was out of this world. The fish was so fresh and the combination of flavors and presentation were just right - simple and delicious. We enjoyed our appetizer and wine in the dimply lit corner of the restaurant, right by the corner window that was a prime spot for people watching. And if the colorful characters of the corner of 10th and J Street weren’t enough to look at, out came our entrees. My date ordered the Sea of Cortez scallop risotto with porcini mushrooms, squash blossoms, summer squash and chives, and I indulged in the smoked Liberty Farms duck breast that came with black beans, charred corn, a peach salsa and tasty honey glaze.  Every bite of our food was heaven and the portions were perfect.
We decided on dessert to go, mimicking the honeymoon approach of the couple that dined next to us.  Our server took care in preparing a bag for us that included our tart, our leftover bottle of B.R. Cohn and two wine glasses to take with us up to the room. It was obvious that the service at The Grange is designed in such a way that guests feel completely at home every step of the way, including the luxury of taking a bit of The Grange, wine glasses and all, up to our room to continue our meal from the comfort of our bed. There was nothing abrupt or brief about our stay and I truly felt like I was staying someplace far away, detached from my daily realities if even just for the night.
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