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Issue 10: Photographer Todd Mclellan
Todd Mclellan was born and raised in Western Canada where he did his bachelor's degree in fine arts with a major in photography. Shortly after graduating he moved to Toronto to pursue his career in photography. He’s been shooting professionally for over six years now.
Q&A with Todd mclellan
The photography work  of Todd Mclellan, September 2012 Vhcle Magazine Issue 10, Art
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Tell us a little about how you got started.
There are always different levels of how a person starts. I would say mine was at the Alberta College of Art & Design. This is where I learnt that photography could be taken a bit more seriously. The first time I picked up a camera was back when I was a kid. I had my grandparents old 110, plus used my dad's Canon 35mm. I recently found some pictures of a class trip that I had taken with the 110. They were pretty funny shots - shots that an 8- or 10-year-old would do.  
How long does it take you to complete a project?
It varies, but I would say that the typewriter was the longest process at around three days: A day to a day and a half to take apart and the same to lay out. I'm currently working on a book with a publisher in the UK and have since refined the process. I have gained an eye for how I want these to be laid out. It really comes together now, which is kinda weird. I compare it to a person who does the Rubik's Cube over and over.
How do you choose which objects to disassemble?
With my original series I collected them from the street curbs on garbage day, thrift shops and personal items that were no longer used.
Could you share with us a bit about the book you're working on?
With the original series it was exploring the mechanical objects. It was an exploration of how they worked and were put together. You could really see how these things functioned. With the book that I'm working on it's an expansion of that into objects from the mechanical to the latest technology. Although there is a technological gap between a tablet and a typewriter, the way that they are designed to function are still really amazing. This book will explore that design and function in the way objects come apart.
Favorite drink?
A good rum & coke always hits the spot after a great week.