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Find OUR LATEST VHCLE MAn in issue 14
Recommendations by BENJAMIN SCHWARTZ / Sacramento, ca
I’m a menswear nerd. It’s gotten a bit out of hand to be honest. Over the years I’ve succumbed to purchasing 30 or more books on the subject, including gems like Fuck Yeah Menswear and Take Ivy. About five years ago I began studying shoemaking, which eventually led to BENJAMINS, a shoe brand started with a few close friends. Everything is made right here in California and we’re opening our shop later this year.

Spring is my favorite time of year, but it can be a challenge to dress for since the weather tends to change quite a bit throughout the day. I’m about to leave town for a trip to Boston, so I wanted to pick a few must-haves that I’ll be taking with me.
C / Ursa major essential face wipes

Traveling is something that I have always loved, but after a few hours on a plane I tend to feel like I need a shower, and rarely is that an option. I just picked up these face wipes from Ursa Major and I like them so much that I’ve been leaving them with friends to try out. They’re made without any parabens, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances, and they smell like an orange tree and a douglas fir had a baby.   A / barbour Bedale Jacket
“The best part about life is obviously wearing cool jackets” – Jon Moy, Four-Pins.

I’ve had a Bedale jacket from Barbour for a few years now and it’s by far the most versatile jacket that I own. It’s made from waxed cotton, which makes it waterproof, wind-proof, and thorn-proof (seriously). The armpit vents will let you breathe if it heats up later in the day, and the detachable hood will help keep you dry in the worst conditions (I just took it with me to Tahoe and it was a champ in the snow). If you’re going to invest in one piece of clothing, a jacket has to be the best move. With re-waxing and repair service offered by Barbour, this one will last you long enough that you’ll be able to pass it on to your kids. B / gant BARRÉ awning scarf
Menswear heads are always talking about layers. Layering, reverse-layering, and it’s not a bad move, but if you’re not careful you can end up feeling like your clothes are slowly trying to squeeze you to death. A scarf is good to keep around because it’s easy to take off if you get too hot, and it’s small enough to throw into a pocket when you do. In the spring I keep a cotton one around instead of the traditional wool since it’s lighter weight. This one that Gant recently dropped is a solid choice.
E / club monaco shawl cardigan

If I had to choose just one piece of clothing, regardless of season or location, I’m taking this fleece shawl cardigan from Club Monaco. This thing is so soft I have to force myself not to wear it every day. I’m actually wearing it as I type this. I even wrote a letter to Club Monaco asking them to keep stocking it because I saw it was on sale and thought they might be axing it from the lineup. Trust me on this one, it’s not even listed under sweaters, it’s under “sweatshirts and sweatpants”. Sweatpants for your torso, power flex. D / TARRAGO nano protector

I prefer to stay dry when the weather gets all tut tut, but it feels wrong to be stomping around in rain boots in spring. Recently I found this Nano Protector spray and it’s such a great product that we started stocking it in our online shop. Thanks to this stuff I can leave the house in suede mocs or chukkas giving zero fucks as to whether or not they’re going to get ruined. It also helps if you tend to do things like spill coffee all over yourself. One bottle should be able to handle most if not all of your shoe collection.
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/  vhcle Man F / KLEAN KANTEENS

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m horrible at reminding myself to drink water throughout the day, and have suffered medical repercussions as a result. Recently my girlfriend snagged me one of these Klean Kanteens and I have to admit it’s the Rolls Royce of canteens. It’s vacuum insulated, and keeps your drinks hot for 6 hours, or cold for 24. F C