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Dave Chawner is an award winning comedian and writer who has written for magazines such as Cosmopolitan. Appearances on TV and Radio, such as a Loaded's 'Lad's Lit' show in which he is a regular panelist. Also, a features writer and ardent campaigner and presenter.

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Yes Man

Danny Wallace


Reviewed by Dave Chawner


Vhcle Books, Issue 17


Some books should come with a health warning. This is one. The San Francisco Bay Guardian describes Yes Man as “one of those rare books that actually has the potential to change your life…” – It did for me.

I am the most cynical man you will meet. In my time I have begrudgingly listened, read and cringed to self help books. I’ve tried blogs, sites and podcasts – they make me squirm. They’re written by the sort of people who spout off meaningless phrases which are as irritating as they are pointless.

However, Yes Man is an accidental self help book. That makes it much more powerful – it’s fun to read and really makes you think. For example, those tiny opportunities you are turning down every day, where could they lead you?

Dumped by his girlfriend and lacking direction Danny can hardly be described as young, free and single. Inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places – a stranger on a bus, “Say Yes More”. As simple as that!

OK, you don’t seem convinced. I wasn’t. But you get drawn into the inspirational ludicrousy. As long as it isn’t illegal, immoral or going to kill anyone Danny says ‘yes’ to everything for a year. As he notes ‘the happiest people are the ones who understand that good things occur when one allows them to’.

Reading the book inspired me to go on my own ‘Yes Adventure’. I started writing a diary to keep track of it all. Some of the smallest agreements have lead to the biggest opportunities. Since then yes has been tangled up in my life.

Unlike Danny I have not won £25, 000, travelled to Singapore, Amsterdam and Wales. I haven’t got my own TV show, met the world’s only hypnotic dog and become a minister, inventor and accidental peace activist. But I have had an incredible adventure all of my own.

It’s not only me who has been converted to the ways of Yes. In 2008 Hollywood was so convinced it made a film about the wonderful whimsical exploits in a movie starring Jim Carey.

It is an unbelievable story of an incredible underdog. Once you say yes to reading it you open yourself up to an awesome, beautiful and fun adventure.

Do you want more enjoyment in your life? We all know the answer to that - YES! Give it a go.

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