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vhcle-09:features/alyson fox
Artist/Designer, Alyson Fox's ability to fuse multiple areas of creative channels into stunning outcomes is what makes her stand a little taller than most artists out there today. She has been featured in the likes of Nylon, Domino and metro.pop magazines, just to name a few. We were already quite fascinated with her work, but to have had the privilege to take a small peek at the person behind the work, made her even more fascinating in our eyes. Her thoughts behind the series Ghost and Certainly Red are nothing less than brilliant. Read for yourself.
vhcle:Tell us a little bit about yourself.
alyson fox: Some quick tidbits are: 
I’m turning 30 this year. I recently got married to the kindest man I have ever met. I am incredibly blessed with dear friends and family that always go above and beyond their call of duty. I am pretty obsessive compulsive about a lot of things in my life. I rarely remember my dreams, but when I do they are crazy. I have fallen head over heels for our new puppy "Stache", which is a big thing to say because  I never really wanted a dog. I make something creative everyday even if it completely sucks. I'm really good at jump roping. I am terrible at singing, but that does not seem to stop me. I am most comfortable in smaller settings and I am starting to read more. 
v: We noticed you originally from your clothing designs, but recently have noticed your fabulous artwork series - can you tell us a little bit about that? Your Certainly Red and Ghost series.
af: I am definitely more comfortable in my art world (making art than clothing). I have a BFA in Photography and a MFA in Sculpture, and after leaving school, I found myself needing to branch out a little to try and be self supporting while at the same time being creative. I decided to start a small clothing line so I could combine all of my interests into one project - photography, video, drawing. I definitely stayed busy and learned a lot, but I really wanted to focus more on my fine art. Now I only do design work with my dear friend and talented designer Caitlin Mociun (pronounced motion). We have a line called " Fox in Mociun". Focusing a bit more on my art, I wanted to start doing some more photography since I have mostly been drawing. I wanted to do a series that was portrait based but had a common thread throughout the series. "Certainly Red" is the name of the lipstick that I decided to use in each photograph. I started photographing friends first, then grandmas of friends, sisters, women I approached in the grocery store...etc. It has really been a really lovely series to work on. Each photograph has given me more insight in the complexities of women; how they take on the red lips and the idea someone photographing them. It's an ongoing series that I am working on to have a show with and something that I hope to publish one day. "Ghost Series" is simply a collection of images of how people cover their plants up when the weather is supposed to freeze to keep them from dying. I drive around capturing them on cold mornings. 
v: Do you have any artists that have had an influence in any part of your work?
af: I think being exposed to art and design always has some influence on you and sometimes with or without a direct correlation. Some of my favorite artists are: Doris Salcedo, Rachel Whiteread, Louise Bourgeouis, Miroslav Tichy, William Eggleston, Sophie Calle, Mirand July. 
v: What sort of things inspire you?
af: My mood definitely. The weather. Something I read. Something I overhear. Childrens art. 

v: Favorite drink?

af: Water. Seriously. Sake for alcoholic beverages. 
v: Any current projects we can know about?
af: "Fox in Mociun" is launching an underwear line with our printed textiles. Then I have a show this March that is half drawings/half sculpture, which is fun for me. They will be up on my site soon. 
v: Any departing words?
af: Thank you so much for wanting to interview me. I hope something in here knocked your socks off.  I’m really pretty low key, but I have a desire to make things that often have a dark side to them. Familiar yet Alarming. — v
To purchase or for more information contact Alyson Fox at:
Ph. 512.417.0165
View more of Alyson Fox’s work at:
Other sites to view & purchase Alyson Fox’s prints:
LIttle Paper Planes
Keep Calm
Shiny Squirrel Boutique
Q&A with Alyson Fox | vhcle- magazine
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